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Change is a constant in our busy day to day lives: you've started a new job; your current job has ended; you're dating someone new; a relationship has ended; you feel anxious; someone in your life has died; your parents are divorcing; you're new in town and don't know anybody. In general handling one or two of these things at once is possible. However, sometimes things hit us all at once and we feel overwhelmed. There's no reason you should have to approach these changes alone.

Mental health therapy sessions can provide a safe environment in which to explore your feelings, the challenges you face in life, and the support to withstand changes that occur in your day to day life. My mission is to assist you in creating the life that you want. This involves carefully exploring the patterns in your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships, and your life history to come to a clearer and deeper understanding of yourself. There are both risks and benefits associated with mental health therapy. Benefits may include relief from distressing symptoms, improved emotional and physical health, and more satisfying interpersonal relationships.

However, significant personal change is potentially stressful, and may include periods of intense or uncomfortable feelings. Other risks may include an increased awareness of feelings, values, and beliefs that could potentially lead to new choices, behaviors, or changes in your relationships with others.

Our initial session will be primarily evaluative, though some therapeutic benefit may occur. I actively use my training and experience to help you acheive your therapeutical goals. Successful treatment is a direct result of mutual efforts, honesty, and a spirit of collaboration.

I look forward to working with you.

Chris Paton, MA, LMHCA
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